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Welcome to mejoralmeria.es in English,

This is the English version of our site, it’s still under construction so, please, let us know any errors you found or your suggestions (you can contact us here). This is the “welcome” page, if you want to read the rest of our articles that have been translated to English: click here!

mejoralmeria.es in English

mejoralmeria.es is now available in English!

These are our three most important sections: Mejora, Estrena and Descubre.

Mejora | Improve

¡Por una Almería mejor, mejora Almería! (For a better Almería, improve Almería!) Explore all the streets and public places in the casco antiguo (historical district) that –unfortunately– stand out for their awful conditions and help them get a facelift.

Moreover, as a way to certify the veracity of what is being told in this web, all posts have photos that back up with documentary evidences the true conditions of some places of the historical district.

Do not hesitate on leaving your comments –specially if you are a neighbour of this quarter–; give us your opinion and inform us about the problems that the street may have!

Some of the streets that we have already talked about in this web are the calle Dalia or the calle Antonio Ledesma (they are only available in Spanish for now, we’re working on it!)

English: graffitis Calle Dalia in Almería

English: wall full of graffitis and posters at Calle Dalia, Almería

Estrena | Estrena

Explanation: unfortunately, “estrena” (in infinitive: “estrenar”)  is a Spanish verb that doesn’t have an equivalent in English. The true meaning is: “to use something new for the first time”. Therefore, from now on we will just use the Spanish “estrena”.

Estrena Almería and all the new facilities that are being created in the city and in the province. Get informed about the improvements carried out in the city’s streets.

From the new and enormous children’s park (which has been recognised as the best park in Spain) to the new IKEA shop that will be opened in Almería (only available in Spanish).

English: children Parque de las Familias

English: children at the Parque de las Familias climbing up a hill and playing in the Alcazaba’s replica

Descubre | Discover

Discover an Andalusian jewel with Arab history, still visible in Almeria’s crown Jewel, its Alcazaba (a moorish fortress) (only available in Spanish for now…).

Located in the southeast of Spain, Almería stands out for: its climate (due to its normally high temperatures throughout the year and the little rainfall), its beaches, as well as for the Cabo de Gata (a natural park).

Additionally, Almeria is relevant for the enormous production of fruits and vegetables. It even has an area in the province called Mar de Plástico (Plastic Sea), which, as a fun fact, is the only human construction that can be seen from space (no, the Chinese Great Wall can’t be seen…).

At mejoralmeria.es we also pay attention to our traditions. Therefore, you will be able to discover our broad coverage of each year’s Almería’s Semana Santa, including our general post (Spanish only) and the posts related to each edition (2015, 2016 and 2017; in Spanish).

In this section you will also discover why San Valentine is burried in Almería and you will be able to remember with us the 2005 Mediterranean Games of Almería (both only in Spanish for now…).

English: the Alcazaba

English: the Alcazaba seen from the port of Almería

Moreover, there are three other sections in our web focused on social media and the interaction between you (the user) and us (the team):

Denuncia | Report

If you want to report the conditions of any place inside the casco antiguo (historical district) of Almería, you can do it in a really easy way. You just have to fill in this form and, by doing so, you will be helping us to create new articles for mejoralmeria.es and, therefore, you will let everybody know the problem that you have reported. Some of the streets that we have already complaint about are calle Dalia and calle Antonio Ledesma (Spanish).

Contacta | Contact

Have you found any mistake in our web page? Do you want to suggest us a must-visit place in Almería? Or do you want to inform us about some improvements that have been made in your area? Contact us and let us know, we’ll be delighted to help you (or delighted by your help).

Difunde | Spread (the news)

Lastly, and perhaps what will help us to grow and to help other almerienses (and the people that come from out of our province) the most: spread!  Do you want to support mejoralmeria.es? Share us in your social newtorks! We’ll thank you action a lot.

You can find us either on our Facebook page, on our Twitter account or on our own Google+ page.

Now it’s your turn to start exploring on your own around our web and remember: ¡Por una Almería mejor, mejora Almería! (For a better Almería, improve Almería!)