Parque de las Familias: “The best park in Spain”

Welcome to Almería’s new children’s park and to the best park of Spain, welcome to the Parque de las Familias!

The first part of the project opened its doors on November 14th 2014, to the delight of every child —and those who are no longer children too— coming from the city and the whole province. The park represents various sites from Almería, such as the Alcazaba (a moorish fortress) and the Cabo de Gata (a natural park); and it even pays tribute to our region’s western films.

English: Views Parque de las Familias

English, Parque de las Familias: view of the Parque de las Familias from the top of the Alcazaba’s replica

The best park in Spain

The Parque de las Familias (which means the Families’ Park) has been awarded the “Columpio de Oro” (Golden Swing), thus becoming the best children’s park in Spain.

Moreover, the recycling areas and the Alcazaba were praised by the jury for their brilliant blending in with the park’s environment. Undoubtedly, these are great news for the city of Almería!

Some facts and figures…

Once the second part of the park is finished, the Parque de las Familias will become the largest area in Andalusia dedicated exclusively to children’s use. For the time being, already 41,000 square metres are available to the public out of a total of 91,000 (the equivalent of 15 football pitches).

English: lighthouse-slide at Parque de las Familias

English, Parque de las Familias: lighthouse-slide in an area of the park that represents the natural park of Cabo de Gata

Where is it located?

For those who would like to visit the “best park of Spain”, the Parque de las Familias is located next to the Avenida del Mediterráneo and the Antonio Muñoz Zamora, Argentinita and Abrucena streets (near the teatro auditorio Maestro Padilla), as shown in the map below.

Before becoming Almería’s greatest children’s playground, this area was scattered with a few football pitches and basketball courts; besides, it used to be home to Almería’s funfair every August.

English: Boat at Parque de las Familias

English, Parque de las Familias: boat located in the area dedicated to the natural park of Cabo de Gata

What can we find inside the Parque de las Familias?

The Parque de las Familias’ enclosure is divided into differently-themed areas, each relating to a part of Almería. One of the treasures this park has to offer is the Alcazaba’s replica, of which several slides come out; it also has artificial grass on its sides for the children to slide without getting hurt.

Other areas of the “best park pf Spain” are dedicated to Almería’s cinema, which have giant film rolls and a climbing wall; together with a representation of Cabo de Gata, with a lighthouse-slide and a boat, where the smallest ones can crawl into.

In addition to that, you’ll find a huge mat for those who love to jump around (see the picture below).

English: Mat at Parque de las Familias; Best park of Spain

English, Parque de las Familias: children jumping on the giant mat at the Parque de las Familias


Opening times of the Parque de las Familias

  • Autumn-Winter. From 8:00 to 22:00.
  • Spring-Summer (and holidays). From 8:00 to 24:00.


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Map: location of the Parque de las Familias

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