Almería 2.0.: “Free Wi-Fi around the city”

You can already enjoy free Wi-Fi internet connection in up to five of the most important places of our province’s capital city: Almería. Thanks to this initiative, which carried with it a total cost of 18,000 €, every person from Almería and its visitors will be able to use the Wi-Fi on the streets free of charge.

Almería 2.0.: Wi-Fi around the city

The initiative has provived a Wi-Fi connection which spans five of the most important places in Almería city, including the Virgen del Mar Square, Puerta Purchena, Constitution Square (also known as Plaza Vieja), Cathedral’s Square and San Pedro Square. This five remarkable spots have been selected according to strategic criteria, as mayor Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Comendador stated. What’s more, Luis Rogelio added that his intention was not to stop there, but to extend the Wi-Fi’s availability to the thirty-two neighbourhoods which depend on the city council.

English, free Wi-Fi: Constitution Square, Almería

English, free Wi-Fi: the Constitution square (also called Old square) in Almería now has free Wi-Fi connection

Who has carried out the project?

The idea was developed by the Economic Development, Employment and New Technology Area together with the Plan Urban, which aims to revitalise the casco histórico (historical district) of Almería, and had a total budget of 18,000 euros. According to the mayor, this initiative’s objective is to transform the area into a favoured hotspot which will benefit local shops and hotels.

English, free Wi-Fi: Cathedral

English, free Wi-Fi: there is free Wi-Fi connection in Almería’s Cathedral square

In an increasingly digital world…

The project has come to life just in time, since nowadays more and more people have a need to be connected in every place and at all times. Not to mention the hundreds of tourists that visit our city every year, who will benefit from this initiative hugely, being able to look up information at any time about the places they want to discover. Besides, the city of Almería will give out a better impression by the implementation of free internet connection in these strategic spots.

Collecion of websites about Almería

And now, since you can already access the internet at the five locations listed above, we’ve gathered some of the most useful webs for tourists visiting us and those which provide with the best quality content about our homeland, Almería:

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